Parental Alienation Australia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Tea Meditations" I have been "waiting", drinking tea & collecting teabags since May 2010[Mother's Day] A thousand wishes/hope

I have drawn on teabags for a few years now. I have been collecting the teabags for this drawing project since May 2010. I drink approximately 30>35 Lipton Intense teabags a day [that's because I have 3 bags in each cup & sometimes 4]I was approached by Ukitopia Arts Collective to do the 'wishing flags' for the Ukitopia Opening Ceremony. The third annual Ukitopia Festival will be held from November 19 to 22. For more details visit

..."I wish for better human rights world wide, in particular; a Women's right to leave an abusive relationship without suffering dire consequences".