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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tea Meditations' - 1000 Wishes - Ukitopia Festival 2010

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The Ukitopia Festival weekend was 'fantastic'! A wonderful reflection of the many creatively talented inhabitants, who live in and around Uki village.
'Tea Meditations'
-1000 Wishes-
Installation: Debby Cook.
Ukitopia Arts Collective Festival November, 2010

The 'Teapot' installation measuring 2.7m high x 4m diam,steel frame/strong/ demountable structure [crafted by Ron Cox]. 12 removable panels made of wire/paper & glue formed the sides of the teapot. Community members, and all the children from Uki Public School and visitors to the festival were invited to engage with the installation by writing or drawing their 'wish' onto a used teabag. [I, 'drunk' and collected all the teabags provided in the installation since May 2010, Mothers Day]. All the teabag 'wishes' were glued to the panels of the teapot. Many of the wishes were read out at the opening ceremony on Saturday evening. I was inspired and full of 'hope' as I read every thoughtful 'wish' I glued to the 'Teapot'.
The 'Teapot' was lit-up with flashing, coloured, rope lights on Saturday evening and many danced inside the 'Teapot' to the great music being played on the main stage.
We were blessed with 'rainless' clouds for most of Sunday and I spent the day gluing all the teabag wishes onto the 'Teapot'. We got very close to covering the whole 'Teapot'. I believe there are over 900 teabag wishes on the 'Teapot'!
I had a wonderfully, happy time for the whole festival weekend, and I wish to kindly thank the organisers of the Ukitopia Arts Collective for the opportunity to create! ...Life is Art

*My art practise brings awareness to > Parental Alienation < no matter what the installation. Copies of the Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation Brochure were available inside the 'Teapot'and well received.

Monday, November 29, 2010

YouTube - Parental Alienation/Child Abuse

YouTube - Parental Alienation/Child Abuse Great Awareness! Parental Alienation is emotional child abuse. Demand! the Family Courts take a stand in regards to dealing with Parental Alienation cases

Welcome Back, Pluto™: A DVD for Coping with Parental Alienation

Welcome Back, Pluto™: A DVD for Coping with Parental Alienation I have heard and read that this is an excellent DVD in regards to understanding Parental Alienation. I am very interested in therapy, to assist alienated children regain their loving bond with their alienated parent. Family Courts do order therapy for child and parent to re-concile in alienation cases, but if the parent refuses therapy the child remains alienated.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parental Alienation - Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services

Parental Alienation - Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services
*Parental Alienation is psychological child abuse.
*Dont alienate your child from a loving parent because of your own emotional needs.
*Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation is a World wide organisation bringing awareness and education to Parental Alienation.
*The Family Court of Australia and worldwide, fails daily, in it's duty of care; to every child and family, it does not assist with family re-conciliation, especially when alienation tactics are recognised and the associated behaviours demonstrated in the alienated child's behaviour. Court ordered therapies when, ordered, must be implemented, if the child is ever to have a relationship with an alienated parent. Doing nothing about Parental Alienation is psychological child abuse and the alienation of a parent from a child's life due to PA will, impact on the child's emotional and psychological well being for the rest of their life.*click on yellow high-lighted text[heading] to go to link.
*Please, see very interesting and timely article in The Weekend Australian Magazine.
November 27-28, 2010 'Caught in the Crossfire' [p.16-21] ..."Nobodies listening", but we must make them hear! if you did not buy the newspaper, I did, just google it

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'Tea Meditations' - 1000 WISHES - Ukitopia Festival November 19 > 21 > 2010

I have drunk the tea & collected the teabags for this drawing project/installation
'Tea Meditations' since May 2010 [Mothers Day]. I have used teabags[Lipton Intense] in my art practise since starting a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree @ Southern Cross University in 2004.
I 'finally' graduated with a BVA in May 2010. I will be forever grateful for my opportunity to go to University! I was approached by uKITOPIA aRTS cOLLECTIVE to do the 'wishing flags' for the Ukitopia Festival. I suggested using teabags??? & the concept has become a 2.7m high x 4m wide steel teapot frame [constructed by Ron Cox] & there are 12 panels made of wire/paper&glue, that hang from the frame & form the sides of the teapot gallery. Approximately 80 teabags cover each panel. I have collected approx 500 teabag wishes to date. A "huge thankyou" to all the children @ Uki Public School who happily & creatively added their wishes [several!!!] to the teapot. "Thanks", also to the people that come along to the workshops on a Saturday afternoon from 12 > 2pm [& later] @ Uki Village. Liz from Happy High Herbs is also there, weaving the 'Welcoming Arch' for the festival. All Welcome! "FREE FUN"!!! The 'teapot gallery' will feature at the Ukitopia Festival and all People attending the festival are welcome to come inside the teapot and draw,write or collage their wish onto a teabag[supplied]and then hang or stick it onto the teapot. Many of the wishes will be read/sung out @ the Opening Ceremony.I have drank over a thousand teabags since May, so we have plenty of teabags! "Come Make a WiSH"