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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Images from 'Family Matters' Parental Alienation Exhibition 3 > 14 May 2010

Some examples of my art work that were on view @ The Serpentine Art Gallery, Lismore, Australia.
I enjoy the process of PHOTOMONTAGE/Collage' that I have developed over the past 4 years. It is a great way to personalise a photo. I collage' the image on to stretched canvas frames & then I personalise the selected image with
Mixed Media > acrylic paint, ink, glitter & 'found objects'

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today 16th June 2010, sees the historic launch of a global human rights campaign by the 'International Parents Alliance'[INTERPAAL], calculated to bring to an end the crises in the international family law, responsible for the destruction of millions of parent/child relationships worldwide. By presenting all past, current and future victims, with the opportunity to make a compelling personal statement, the voiceless have now been given a voice.
The 'International Boycott of Family Courts' campaign document finally provides a historic global rallying point and valuable support, to all those demanding that governments uphold their human rights obligations, to effectively protect the parent/child relationships of their citizens.
To see document go to 'INTERPAAL' @

25th April 2010 Parental Alienation Awareness Day

The 25th of April is Anzac Day in Australia. It is a day to remember all the soldiers, who lost their lives, so that we may live in peace! ...'LEST WE FORGET'! The aftermath of war affects families for generations, so do the affects of Parental Alienation and the decisions that are made in the Family Law Courts around the world, when separating parents enter the Family Court System. After the Anzac Day service in Murwillumbah, Australia, at 12pm on the 25 April 2010 I started my bubble machine for the 'bubbles of LoVe' website to participate in the 10 minute world wide bubble blowing campaign to help bring awareness to Parental Alienation. ...'we are trying to remind everyone: Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, all extended family and step-family members, that LOVE is the answer!If we all just believe,the World will be a better place' When you put LOVE in everything you do, and in every interaction with all the people around you, soon you will see how things seemingly work out and EVERYONE will be so much happier. Let the Bubbles of LoVe flow on April 25th!!! LOVE takes us higher and the bubbles represent that LOVE, JUST LIKE BUBBLES, LOVE CAN NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE CONTAINED.

Friday, June 4, 2010

'Family Matters Exhibition' Parental Alienation Awareness

Family Matters - Parental Alienation Awareness Exhibition @ the Serpentine Arts Gallery from the 3rd > 14 May 2010 in Lismore N S W Australia.

The opening night of my exhibition was on the 7th May 2010. I was warmly supported by family, friends and visitors to the gallery. It was a most rewarding and enjoyable evening for me personally.

Guests at the gallery enjoyed the delicious and creatively presented food prepared by, Vicky from, 'Bite My Artz'.

Peter van de Voorde from 'Dads on the Air' Australia, mingled with the visitors on opening night and recorded some of their stories. Many of the visitors shared their own personal experience of being alienated from their children and extended family members post separation and their frustrations of the Family Court System. Some of the visitors shared positive shared parenting stories that involved mediation instead of the Family Court System.Their stories and Peter's interview can be listened to in [MP3] format please follow the link. Alienated Parents Raise Public Awareness. 25 May 2010. Debra Cook [ Founder Alienated Parents Australia - Parental Alienation Awareness Australia]

'Dads on the Air' Australia 2GL 89-3FM & online.

*A huge "THaNkYOU" to Ron!!! and Rin from Serpentine Gallery for all their support & assistance throughout the exhibition and to all who came.

Thankyou Kindly, Debby Cook