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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 21 August 2010 was ELECTION DAY in Australia.I took the opportunity to stage a personal protest,to bring awareness to whoever the Prime Minister is? that something must be done in regards to the failings of a 35 year old Family Justice System which is incapable of protecting a child's human right, to a continuous relationship with a parent/sibling/ and extended family members. Parental alienation thrives due to the alienating behaviour's of a parent and a perjury free Family Court arena and due to the Family Court not taking a stand in regards to Parental Alienation.
I 'gate crashed' the 2010 Tweed Valley Banana Festival Parade] wearing a cut&pasted sign, with the message 'Fix Family Court Prime Minister'
I printed 100 copies of the PAAO [Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation] brochure and handed them out as I walked along in the parade. The support was great!!! and most encouraging! Many comments could be heard as people read
the sign and they were all in support of the need to fix the Family Court.

To download a copy of the PAAO [Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation]brochure I handed out whilst walking in the parade go to > This is a very informative brochure in regards to understanding Parental Alienation.

***July 2010 I was elected to the board of directors of the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization. This is a volunteer position and I am proud and willing to be part of a worldwide organisation, who's mission is to bring awareness and education to Parental Alienation in the context of parental/family separation.

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