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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tea Meditations' - 1000 Wishes - Ukitopia Festival 2010

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The Ukitopia Festival weekend was 'fantastic'! A wonderful reflection of the many creatively talented inhabitants, who live in and around Uki village.
'Tea Meditations'
-1000 Wishes-
Installation: Debby Cook.
Ukitopia Arts Collective Festival November, 2010

The 'Teapot' installation measuring 2.7m high x 4m diam,steel frame/strong/ demountable structure [crafted by Ron Cox]. 12 removable panels made of wire/paper & glue formed the sides of the teapot. Community members, and all the children from Uki Public School and visitors to the festival were invited to engage with the installation by writing or drawing their 'wish' onto a used teabag. [I, 'drunk' and collected all the teabags provided in the installation since May 2010, Mothers Day]. All the teabag 'wishes' were glued to the panels of the teapot. Many of the wishes were read out at the opening ceremony on Saturday evening. I was inspired and full of 'hope' as I read every thoughtful 'wish' I glued to the 'Teapot'.
The 'Teapot' was lit-up with flashing, coloured, rope lights on Saturday evening and many danced inside the 'Teapot' to the great music being played on the main stage.
We were blessed with 'rainless' clouds for most of Sunday and I spent the day gluing all the teabag wishes onto the 'Teapot'. We got very close to covering the whole 'Teapot'. I believe there are over 900 teabag wishes on the 'Teapot'!
I had a wonderfully, happy time for the whole festival weekend, and I wish to kindly thank the organisers of the Ukitopia Arts Collective for the opportunity to create! ...Life is Art

*My art practise brings awareness to > Parental Alienation < no matter what the installation. Copies of the Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation Brochure were available inside the 'Teapot'and well received.

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