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Monday, April 26, 2010

Exhibition Invitation to Family Matters .... P A Awareness

All wecome to my exhibition: 'Family Matters' - Parental Alienation Awareness.
Parental Alienation is psychological child abuse. I wish the Family Court of Australia would take a stand on P A. It has been my experience that it does not.
I wish to inform and bring awareness to this tragic social issue and the legal culture that facilitates and profits from family dysfunction. This is not in the 'best interests' of our children or our society.

...I believe with the premise, post separation/divorce, that a parent has the right to see his or her children and is only to be deprived of that right if he or she has abused or neglected the children. Likewise, and more important, a child has a right to the love, care and guidance of a parent. To be denied that right by the other parent without sufficient justification, such as abuse or neglect, is, in itself, a form of child abuse.

Debby Cook

Practising visual artist

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