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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Divided lives | The Australian

Divided lives | The Australian Magazine A great and timely article, about time!
The Family Court System is shocking!!! Our case was cited as an extreme case of Parental Alienation in 2006. I have not had any contact with my two oldest children for more than five years now, and not because I am a bad parent, or because, I harmed my children in any way. My children were alienated from me due to my former partner's extreme emotional behaviour and his quest for revenge. He used 'our' children and the current, perjury free, Family Court arena to punish me for the break down of our 14 year relationship. The Judge noted that my former partner is, "incapable of promoting a relationship between the children and their Mother and that this would inpact on them for the rest of their live's". I was offered time, five years has passed, I grieve daily for the loss of contact with my two oldest children and that our yougest daughter has been separated from her siblings due to their Father's ongoing alienating behaviour.
The Family Court must take a stand in regards to Parental Alienation. Shared care does not work with people who do not like to share!

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