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Thursday, December 16, 2010

YouTube - Amy Baker Talking about PAS

YouTube - Amy Baker Talking about PAS + There are also other Amy Baker videos to view on YouTube; for a very good understanding and definition of PA & PAS.
*World wide AWARENESS, EDUCATION and 'THERAPY' mandatory for ALIENATED CHILDREN/SIBLINGS & TARGETED PARENT'S. The Family Court is full to overflowing with cases of PA.
I am contacted by parent's who, tell me their 8 & 10 year old children are being left in the care of an alienating parent under the banner of
"children's wishes" or in " the best interest's of the child".
According to Family Court policy, A 12 year old child has the right to choose which parent they want to live with. The child just has to say they, "dont want to see the other parent" & the Family Court grant's them their wish. If, there was no alienating tactics taking place and the parent's were co-operative post separation, then 'maybe'? Children also say they don't want to go to school or to the dentist, but we make them go!
...Ideally, a child should never have to make this choice! Dont alienate your child from their loving parent. Parental Alienation is psychological and emotional child abuse.

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